Angels Online

Angels Online 7.0

Angels Online is an MMORPG game with a mythological theme
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Angels Online is a 2D online RPG developed by Internet Gaming Gate (IGG). The game is also called Angel Love Online on some markets. Although 2D MMORPGs are not something unusual, this one is actually aimed at a specific market. With the cute cartoon graphics and some elements of the game referring to love, it is obvious that the game is directed at the female market. That's not that a male gamer wouldn't enjoy it, but perhaps he might find some elements of the game difficult to digest.

The story of the game references some biblical characters: Lucifer fell in love with a female angel, who in turn was in love with another angel. He acted out of jealousy and turned the girl into dew, and her lover into starlight. Cast away to Hell by God, he is amassing an army to get revenge. And this is where the player comes in.

You can choose from 4 combat classes and 4 magic classes to create your character. Then you become a Little Angel, to guard Eden against Lucifer. Once your player is created, you can explore wastelands that surround the city to gain experience. In this game, you either form a team with somebody or die many many many times, which becomes annoying. The sound and music in this game are awful and dull. This game is really just focused mainly on children and female audiences, though it's free and anyone can try it. But there are many free RPGs out there that can do a better job than this one.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Free
  • A good amount of items


  • The sound is boring
  • Lots of repetitive quests
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